MoMo is asleep, stretched out under the table, but I wasn’t tired, so I thought I would go exploring. It is AMAZING everything you can see when you get up off the floor. It isn’t warm and sunny in the chair today, and Mom has the window closed, so the smells aren’t nearly as interesting as they
have been, but I love looking outside. Mom says that when the rain stops she will use a leash and harness and take me and MoMo outside.

Did you know that you can walk a rabbit? Well, actually, the rabbit walks you. We hop where we like, and the human follows along behind. MoMo and I are pretty amazed at how easy it is to train a human! But, back to the leash… rabbits should never have a collar around our necks, but there are
special harnesses that go around our chests and front legs that are just fine to use. We also need to have an elastic leash. A leash with a collar and regular unforgiving leash would be very easy for us to get injured, break our backs or necks.

There are a couple of other precautions that NEED to be taken before you take your bunny outside… PLEASE don’t think that you will be able to walk your rabbit down the street like you would a dog! Well, that would just be SILLY!! I mean, really, just picture it! If you want a dog to walk, get a dog because we are ‘prey animals’ it is hardwired into our brains to not like wide open spaces. All of that real estate and air makes a rabbit feel very vulnerable. It is up to you, the human, to make sure that the great outdoors is as secure as possible for your rabbit. That means finding a SAFE place, a fenced in back yard would be perfect. But don’t take our leash and harness off. You would be surprised how easy it is for us to hide or to find a hole in a fence! Never, never, ever take us to a park, or near a road, where there are cars, strange dogs, or people who don’t know proper bunny behavior, all of those things can be really, really scary! My Mom takes us out to her fenced in vegetable garden (she says it is funny that she originally put in the fence to keep rabbits OUT of her veggie garden) where she lets us stretch our legs a little and nibble on the lettuce or spinach leaves. She doesn’t even let us walk to the garden, she carries us there. Mom would NEVER run the risk of letting us pull the leash out of her hand.

Once you get the proper harness and leash though, as a human, you could start something called ‘clicker training’, which is just a controlled way to give a rabbit positive reinforcement for doing a wanted behavior. Rabbits don’t like being bored. When we get bored, we tend to be naughty. Clicker training keeps our bunny minds busy. We can learn agility courses like dogs, or do ‘rabbit jumping’ which is sort of like steeple chase events for horses. There is another reason to clicker train your rabbit… it builds the bond between bunnies and their humans and it is FUN!

Well, I am off to explore the family room, and possibly annoy that skinny little dog… more later