Sweet, little (hah! not really) Eudora has not had a blog post in a while. My camera died and I’ve only got cell phones… :)

Eudora learned how to ‘do hardwood floors’ a few months ago. Whenever I foster a bunny and they cannot walk on hardwood floors, it is very easy to keep them out of trouble. There is no serious need for x-pens — just an area rug and they are ‘fenced in’. Her social nature finally won over and she *had* to get to my bedroom apparently. One night, I woke to the pitter patter of some not-so-small bunny feet.

Exhibit A: the feet

Those make quite the cute shuffle-y sounds when they make the trek from the kitchen to my bedroom…

Exhibits B, C, D, and E: smug Eudora enjoying my bedroom

Little Eudora is a serious sweetheart and she basically stays out of trouble :-) She scares my 17lb cat a little… poor guy! The two of them get jealous of ‘time with me’. She really needs a human who can dedicate all of their love to her. She doesn’t want to share time with cats and my own bunnies! She will bond with you easily if you just shower her in love. Simple, right?

Call the HRN hotline 781-431-1211 to set up an adoption interview, if you would like to meet her (or one of the many other awesome bunnies we have in fostercare).