11/08 Update: Congrats, Rosie, on your adoption! Wishing you much happiness in your forever loving home :)

All we can say about Rosie is “Don’t wait!”. If you are looking for a young bunny that is tons of fun plus a love, then Rosie is the bun for you!

Once you open Rosie’s cage door, this outgoing bun in right there to greet you looking for a treat or some playtime. She easily scoops up into your arms and settles in for some pets, however do not expect her to be too patient for this adorable little girl has energy plus and is in a hurry to use it.

One minute she will be scampering across the room, twirling around, showing off her binky prowess, the next she is playing mountain goat while trying to figure out how to get to the highest point in the area. Put a few toys out for her entertainment and she will delight you with her antics: tossing, nudging, chinning and digging!

With her gloriously, thick, soft, gray fur, and her little white spotted nose and front paws, it will not be long before someone falls for her. So, do not wait! Come sweep Rosie away to your “Kasbah”, and she will surely make her new, forever loving home a very fun place to be!

Call our hotline number, 781-431-1211, and arrange your visit with Rosie today!