Many thanks to HRN foster mom, Lorna, for all her contributions to this blog post.

Look at these gorgeous Flemish Giant buns. They are soooo cute! Since they are still youngsters, we expect them to get quite a bit larger.

Both are very loving and remind you of puppies: everything is new and curious, and food is so important, they trip over each other getting to the bowl. McGraw was sitting in front of the fridge the other night helping himself to the huge bag of carrots. :)

They both seem to have a laid back personality, which is true of many large buns, and love attention, especially being petted. They would need a very large cage to live in, or better yet, an extra tall exercise pen to reside in (McGraw is a high jumper) or their own room.

Their litter box habits could use some improvement, but again they are young.

Faith & McGraw are hoping you will come by for a visit and decide that they are the buns for you! Please call the Hotline, 781-431-1211, to speak with an adoption counselor.