Well, I’ve found that special place of my own with a family that loves me very much!

Hi, let me tell you my story. Felix is my name, and I was born on September 2006 in Fitchburg . I lived outside in a small wire cage that had no comfortable place to rest my feet, and was barely big enough for me to move around in. It was tough being young with lots of energy confined to a little space.

Then abruptly four months later my life changed; I was whisked away with some of the other buns – I think there were about 34 of us. At first, I was terrified but the voices of those carrying us away sounded different, less harsh than I was used to hearing. Before long, I found myself in the arms of one of the sweet talking women who smelled sooooo good, however not knowing what plans she had for me, I was trembling with trepidation.

Well, before I knew it, I was in a big cage with a comfy bottom that was all mine. The person who picked me up brought yummy greens and pellets everyday; boy, was this different! She even opened up the door to let me out to play – something that I had never done before. You probably can’t tell now, but back then I had been kept penned up all my life, so my legs only knew how to walk, not hop. It took a while but I finally got the hang of it.

For some time now, my loving foster mom and I have been together; life is good. I get all excited when she opens the frig and I can hear the sounds of the crinkling bag. I jump around in my cage, sometimes rattling the door ‘cause I know that my favorite greens are coming! I have toys to play with and a neat dog bed to sleep on, but my foster mom has told me about an even more special place that she calls a “forever loving home”. Someday I’m hoping to get one. It’s a place where I can call home, a place where I’ll have a friend to sleep and play with (my foster mom tells me all the time that I would make another bun really happy) and a place where I can have a permanent slave all my own. I’m a little shy, but I think I would like to try out this “forever loving” thing. Could you be the one to bring me to this special place? I hope so!

Special thanks go out to HRN volunteer & Felix’s foster Mom, Lorna, for all her help with this blog posting!