My name is Fergie. I am writing to you because I am looking for a home of my very own. An inside home that is warm and where I get lots of food and attention. I hope you understand that lots of food aspect. Because I love to eat. I need salad, pellets, hay and banana chips. Really important!!!
I lived outside with lots of other bunnies. Didn’t know that people could be nice and take care of me. Especially provide me such good food. So when I first came in foster care I didn’t trust anybody. Was very shy. But that got a lot better. I’ll allow you to pet me know. Especially when you come with banana chips.
My fostermom says I am a good bunny. Not like her little “pains in the bud”, who always hop through my room and try to upset me. I am very well behaved. Don’t destroy anything and always use my litterbox. I promise to be your perfect pet as long as you feed me. Oh, I mentioned that already…
…but can’t mention it often enough. If you don’t feed me I’ll clap with my bowls. Please come and visit me at my foster home. Oh, and bring some apples and bananas with you. I promise to be your new best friend.