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My family and I have been bunnysitting Fergie while her foster mom is away
on business. While she is skittish, she has gotten comfortable with us in
the three weeks she has been here. It is nice to see her lie down with her
legs kicked back, relaxing by the side of her cage. (Her first day- she
wouldn’t come out of the cage at all, not even for a heaping bunch of yummy

We have her cage and pen in the kitchen so she experiences the hustle and
bustle of family life. We talk to her whenever we are in the kitchen, and
she is getting used to the sounds of the dishwasher and cooking…. My
husband had to vacuum the other day, and thankfully she did not ricochet
around the room in fright. She does freak out when we come home from grocery
shopping: a big human carrying big bundles must look very weird to her!

When we are home, we give her limited free-range of the kitchen and hallway;
she will explore tentatively and then heads over to one of her favorite
spots. She likes to dig and chew at newspapers but thankfully has not shown
an interest in anything else!

Fergie has developed a nice rapport with my 5 1/2-year old daughter. When my
daughter approaches the pen and holds out her hand, Fergie hops over and
sniffs for treats. Fergie enjoys my daughter’s pats, which delights my
daughter: “She loves me, Mommy!” It is really cute when Fergie puts her head
down as I approach her to give her many forehead rubs; just the other day,
she lay totally flat, basking in the attention. I do believe I saw her do a
“half binky” recently, but then she saw me and stood stock still!

Fergie is hoping for that special someone (or special family) who has much
patience and gentle love to offer. Please call the HRN hotline if you would
like to meet her.

Thanks to Jean for the update on little Fergie’s emotional growth! Jean is bunsitting and providing therapy for our shy girl.