Hi everyone! Newfie here, once again, to tell you what’s been going on in our lives. We are growing healthier and stronger and will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. Happy birthday to us!

Mom is going to be moving out soon because I think she’s had enough of us. Although she still cuddles with us from time to time and we do love her and she loves us. But we know mom needs to get spayed and we heard a little secret…. Shhhhhh…. but we think she may have already found her forever home. YEAHHHH MOMMY!!!!

Anyway, right after we turned 7 weeks old, a major fur-tastrophe!!! Yup, that’s right, we got FURCUTS!!! What gives foster mom?! What the heck did you to us???


The sound of the clippers was a little scary for some of us, but our foster mom and our old foster mom (who our mom TigerLily will be going back to live with soon) calmed our fears and shaved us right down.


Even though we have air conditioning in our room, it did feel really good to get rid of all that fur. And oh boy was there a lot of it!


You wouldn’t think that six of us at only 7 weeks old could produce that much fur, but we did! We did pretty well for our first clipdowns. We’re so proud of ourselves :)


These pics are a few days after our furcuts, and we’ve already started growing out again! Our foster dad said we looked pretty funny, but that’s okay, we’re still just as handsome and beautiful as ever.


So, for those of you who are thinking of adopting us when the time is right, you MUST be able to groom us and maintain our beautiful fur. We are not happy when we get matts and our fur gets very long and all tangled up. It’s no fun for us long-haired buns :) Angora fur is actually 6 times warmer than sheeps wool. Yes, yes it is. So we must be kept cool, especially in the summer.


~Newfie & The Crew