If you’ve recently become a first time bunny owner, congratulations! Bunnies make great indoor pets and companions.

You probably already have a cage, food dish, hay, etc. In addition to the daily necessities, here are a few extra supplies that are important to have on hand!

  • Bottle brush – if you’re using a water bottle, it will need to be cleaned with warm soapy water and a bottle brush on a regular basis.

 bottle brush

  • Nail clippers – your bunnies nails will need to be trimmed approximately every 4 weeks. Have a vet or groomer show you how the first time!

nail clippers

  • Simethicone or infant gas drops – can be used to treat gas or bloating in bunnies
  • Toys! – Bunnies need physical and mental stimulation. Get creative with things you have around house, such as paper towel tubes stuffed with hay, or a brown paper bag crinkled up with a treat inside. Bunnies also love cardboard boxes!

Picture 065       J16

For additional medical supplies that are helpful to have on hand, please check out HRN’s Bunny Emergency Kit article!

Have fun getting to know your new friend. Please feel free to leave a comment with other ideas!