Initially, Floppy is a bit timid when you meet her, however once in your arms she snuggles in close to your body to relax and feel safe. She would be content enough to remain there undisturbed, or so it would seem. Like all bunnies, she is very curious to explore her environment, yet she goes about it in an almost “shy” manner. Before long though, Floppy is by your side, her eyes beseeching you to adorn her with attention, once again. How can you resist this delicate, gentle soul!

Have you ever been in the presence of an animal where you want to envelop it in your arms, smother it with love and protect it from all that is unpleasant in this world? Well, Floppy evoked those feelings in me recently, and since I already have six bunnies, adopting one more would put *me* in jeopardy of losing my “forever loving home”, at least according to my hubby, the bunny wrangler! So, I implore you to come wrap your arms around this gentle, vulnerable little girl and see if she steals your heart as she did mine.