Sept. 29, 2009: Sometimes adopters will keep in touch with us and when they do, we couldn’t be happier. The newest update on Leo & Alex just came in and they have part of their own blog! These 2 furballs couldn’t have landed in a better home and I couldn’t be more excited for them, being their former foster mom!

May 2, 2009: After a good while in HRN foster care, Leo & Alex were finally adopted by a wonderful human. Alex is Rico now and Leo goes by Pedro :) The bunnies are pretty darn happy these days. I’m able to leave the cage open all of the time now and can (mostly) trust them to behave themselves. Rico sometimes does a little binky when he sees me come into the room in the mornings, which is ridiculously cute. He is totally my buddy now. They are both just wonderful rabbits. They make me laugh out loud at least once every day with their antics, and I’m so very glad to have them. Attached are a couple pictures of the cuteness in case you’d like to see how they’re doing…