Last weekend my husband and I visited Lorna at her foster home in North Central MA. Believe me, if I was looking to adopt a bunny or two, I would find it well worth the drive (about 12 miles west of 495).

She has a great group of adoptable bunnies, and we were hoping to learn a little bit more about them and to get some good pictures, to improve their chances of being adopted.

The first bunny we met was Babita. She had just arrived in HRN foster care recently, but she is a friendly, relaxed bunny that doesn’t mind being held. I suspect she might actually be a “schmoosh” bunny but time will tell. She loves to be patted and she is quite active and inquisitive as well. Truth be told, I almost took this bunny home myself….

The next bunny was China. China is a treasure. She enjoys pats and was also fine with being held. She is absolutely beautiful, and rather gentle. China has been in foster care for some time now. I think it is definitely time for a forever home for this sweet girl.

Then we met Marlo. Marlo is fairly small, gorgeous bunny who loves pets but has a feisty side too. It’s a dwarf girl’s prerogative to be a bit of a diva, isn’t it? That said, she had just arrived at Lorna’s the night before, so she was still in the process of settling in. She is so photogenic that we almost finished our memory card just on her. Marlo is adorable.

Breezy is a beautiful rex bunny with that velvet fur. She is very sweet and was calm during her photo shoot. She has a definite presence, and you can’t help watching her check things out. It would be pretty easy to fall in love with this bunny!

Missy and Chloe are a pair of gentle, rather small, rex girls. They are very active and it was hard to get a good shot of the both of them. They are clearly devoted to each other. They are in need of a little extra TLC, as they came from a neglectful situation, so rabbit-savvy adopters would be appreciated by these lovely girls.

The final bunny we met was the beautiful Rudy- 11 lbs of grey chinchilla loveliness. Rudy is a sensitive soul, but she just melts in the hands of her foster mom, Lorna. Their bond was undeniable. In fact, as an update- after our visit, Lorna decided to adopt Rudy herself. Rudy has a forever home and a mom who truly loves her! You have to love a happy ending!

Now if we could arrange a few more happy endings!

-HRN Member: Kathy-