Congrats, Griffin, on finding your forever loving home!

We want to thank Griffin’s new foster Mom, Linnea, for sharing some of her experiences with her new little guy with all of us!

9/11/2008: Update on Griffin!

Griffin is really growing up right before my eyes, he has gotten a
little big and is much more mature. Although he has been experimenting
with nibbling on different things (clothes and furniture.) The good
thing is he responds well to “no” and a point of the finger. He will
try it a few times and then associates “no” with doing something bad
and usually stops. He still doesn’t like bananas, but he kinda likes
cucumbers now. He is really friendly and loves to be pet, but still
does not like to be picked up or held in place. He is really sweet to
everyone and loves to meet new people. He has stopped peeing on
things, which is good. He is just so cuddly and adorable and you can
always tell how he feels by his eyebrows. He has also started making
little noises like grunts and huffs when I am playing with his toys.
He loves his jingly toys and I always hear them from his cage when I
am in my room. One last update is that he still cannot seem to figure
out his water bottle, but when I give him a bowl of water, it is always
tipped over the next day. I’m not really sure what to do but I think
I’ll go to petco and see if they have a solution. Still no pictures
because I cannot find my camera charger… but I promise that as soon
as I find them I will take a ton!


8/30/2008: I have only had Griffin a few days now, but he has already warmed up
to my roommates and me! He plays on our couches and my bed and
absolutely loves to explore. So far, it seems that he is too young to
be brave enough to jump off the couch, so it is easy to keep an eye on
him. He is very, very curious and loves to sniff whatever you are
holding. I let him make decisions about whether or not he wants to eat
certain foods. Yesterday I was holding a pickle and it seemed like he
was interested. I let him sniff it and he made the right choice and
scampered away. I do not want him to feel like he “isn’t allowed” to
eat certain foods but to make the choice on his own. In other news, he
was having a little problem with his water bottle, he cannot seem to
figure out how it works. I realized that when after a whole day the
line in the water bottle had not gone down. I immediately got him a
little bowl of water and he sipped up the entire thing instantly! Now
he just drinks from the bowl. He is very good at being litter box
trained and he always tries his hardest to make it there when he is in
his cage. Only once did he pee on the couch but that was my fault
because I did not bring a litter box with me and I kept him out there
for over an hour. In addition, Resolve got the stain right out! He loves to
come out and play and he likes to meet all my friends, now. Yesterday
he hopped up on the back of the couch and cuddled next to my head,
which was sweet and he is definitely making huge progress at
being okay with people petting him. He adores carrots and cilantro…
but does not like pickles. More updates later!