My rabbit, Velvet, likes to lick me. He will lick my hands, feet, and sometimes my face. If I lay on the floor on my stomach, he will jump on my back, smell my hair, then lick my head. I think he thinks he is grooming me. The sensation tickles. Also, anytime I laugh at something he is doing, he stops, his head pops up and his ears go up.
He really should be used to my laugh, as the rabbits make me laugh on a regular basis. He will take treats out of my hand, and if I am looking at a newspaper, he will do a behavior he knows he is not supposed to do to get my attention. I really love it when I see him “binky”, which he will do quite often. In these two pictures, you can see Velvet licking both my leg, and my hand.
-Karen: HRN Member-