Gwyneth and Topsey
I wanted to post an update on this amazing couple. I have cared for many rabbits in my time and it is often times the ones that are a bit “difficult” in the beginning that become your greatest joys. That is certainly the case with these two. Gwyneth came to us rather urgently from a shelter who stated that she had been returned because she was a biter. They would likely have to put her to sleep if we didn’t take her. It turns out that she was adopted out to a family with a lot of small children and while sometimes rabbits live happily with a growing family, I don’t think that was the case with our Gwyneth. I wasn’t sure if she was a Lionhead or perhaps only part Lionhead because she didn’t have much of a mane. I now think someone may have cut her beautiful tuft of hair. I think that those kids were just not handling her the way that she needs to be handled. She needs to know she is safe and won’t be dropped or harmed in any way. Needless to say, she was a bit skittish. But, she hasn’t shown one ounce of aggression since they day she came to stay with us. On the contrary, she runs right up for pets and loves just to sit and let you pet her all day. She doesn’t mind being picked up. She didn’t like go out and explore much though until we introduced her to her new handsome boyfriend, Topsey.