If you have visited the House Rabbit Network website (www.rabbitnetwork.org) before and looked at the different bunnies that are up for adoption, you may have seen Harrison in the “Bachelors” section. His picture is OK, but nothing too memorable. That is unfortunate, because if you get to meet him in person, you may get hooked! Harrison is definitely a memorable character in person. Various HRN volunteers have taken a shine to Harrison and have made a variety of ideas of who Harrison reminds them of. One person thinks he reminds them of the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz while another says he reminds them of “the Old Man of the Mountain.” My better half says he reminds her of Walter Mathau’s character in the movie “Grumpy Old Men,” a gruff looking guy who is really a big marshmallow. I’ve always thought that Harrison reminded me of that Chinese breed of dog, the Shar-pei, that have all those wrinkles, yet are as cute as can be!

When Tricia and I first met Harrison in person, he immediately made an impact. He came right to his cage door to greet us and was enthusiastically appreciative of all pets and attention he received. Although he is not a “youngster” by any stretch, he definitely was spry and lively each time we visited him at his foster home.

As Tricia and I became more involved doing Education Days for HRN at various local pet stores, we knew that having a lively, outgoing bunny to bring with us as an example of the kinds of bunnies HRN has available for adoption, would be a good idea. Our bonded pair of Lionheads, Hannah and Griffin, are plenty cute but also very timid. So we spoke with Suzanne and we all thought the best thing to do would be for us to be the foster home for the bunny we thought would do a great job representing HRN and at the same time, give that special bunny a chance for someone to see him in person and consider adopting him! We went back and forth between two bunnies. One was Nigel, a very young, outgoing black Mini-Lop. The other was Harrison. We picked Nigel and he has made us proud by being a great ambassador for the HRN at Ed Days. We also failed as foster parents because we ended up adopting him ourselves!

We’ve reached our quota of bunnies at home, so we can’t foster Harrison, but we still enjoy spending time with him when we visit him. He loves to be snuggled, brushed, groomed, petted, and played with! We did a couple of photo shoots with him and he was lots of fun to interact with. His loves to explore everything when he’s in the exercise pen so it’s a challenge to get him to “pose” for you. If Slinky tossing ever becomes a medal sport at the Bunny Olympics, Harrison would be my pick to win the gold! He also befriended a couple of Beanie Baby toys that Trish brought with us, especially the one that looks like a dog. He loves to groom them and then toss them and then groom them some more. He started carrying the little dog around in his mouth in the exercise pen, so Tricia decided that Harrison had officially adopted the little guy.

We’ve posted some of the pictures from out time with Harrison and we hope they give you more of a sense of what a special rabbit he truly is. However, being a doubting Thomas myself, I think you should go see him for yourself. We know that if you spend some quality time with Harrison, he’ll win your heart just like he has ours!