Many of you know Tammy and Rubicat Pet Photography. Every year she donates to our annual Flatbread benefit night. It is one of our most popular prizes and she takes amazing pictures. Her web site is here:

Tails is having a contest for best pet photographer, and Tammy needs our votes. Let’s help her win! Instructions are below.

Go to Tails’ website –
Scroll down the RIGHT column until you see “2010 Reader’s Choice Awards”
This will take you to, a secure site. Make sure you vote for the BOSTON Magazine, then write in “rubicat design and photography” for Best Pet Photographer.

And while you are in there you can vote for your favorite vet. :-) I won’t say who to vote for there as there are several good rabbit vets that our group uses but it would be neat to have a bunny vet win!