Henrietta was rescued in September and a few days later delivered a litter of babies.

Over the next few months the babies’ growth and development will be chronicled.

For their first 2.5 weeks of life they stayed hidden in their nest. Between 2.5 and 3 weeks old they left their nest for short periods of time to investigate their surroundings.

At 3 weeks of age they started to lap water from a shallow bowl and eat tiny amounts of crumbled food pellets. Tiny sounds of chewing could be heard from their nest as they learned to eat small amounts of alfalfa hay.

Their foster mom has started to socialize them. At first they were startled by the smell and touch of a human hand. Touching Mama first and babies second helped co-mingle the smells and they soon loved gentle stroking.

Still at only 3 weeks old they spend more and more time out of their nest and have started “jiffy-popping” around their enclosure.

They continue to nurse from Mom twice a day.

-HRN Fostermom: Cheryl-