Hillary Hare, a friendly, four pound, dwarf mix, came to HRN by way of the Animal Rescue League as a law enforcement case. At the time she was spayed, the veterinarian surmised that Hillary-Hare was born around July 2007, or as we refer to as a “good guess”.

Hillary-Hare is a smoosch bunny – she adores being snuggled and loved. As she reclined next to me in the x-pen, I bent down to smother her with kisses covering her ears and face; she responded with bunny “purrs”! And, when I stopped for a moment to brush the bunny fur from my face, she looked up as if to say, “please don’t stop, I’m swooning”. So, I scooped little Hillary-Hare up, enveloping her in my arms, close to my face so she could feel my breath. Serenely, she lay quietly and at peace.

After a bit, I gently put her down for some playtime and off she bounced exploring the toys, seemingly, as pleased with jumping, twirling and darting about, as she was with being held and cuddled.

All that is missing for Hillary Hare is a family of her own to share her love. Come visit her and take her away to her new, forever loving home!