UPDATE: Hobbs has continued to grow and turn into an even more loveable bun. Although he’s definitely growing up, his youthful energy is still in full force and the binkies are getting even better. He’s also starting to be a super bunny-500 sprinter, though he hasn’t quite figured out his brakes yet and sometimes, quite adorably, runs full speed into things. His personality is definitely shinning through. This bun is so explorative and playful, and he cannot be stopped.  Hobbs finds his way into everything and anything that interests him. He loves playtime and thoroughly uses it to explore as much as possible.

The best change in Hobbs has been his demand for attention! He was always a friendly bun, but now we can’t have him out without him jumping on to the couch and demanding some major attention.  And with his soft fur, you can’t resist patting him as long as he wants.

Hobbs is still waiting for his forever home. So if you want a young, fun, energetic bun who demands your love, give the hotline a call and ask about Hobbs!

What’s black and white and binkies all over? Hobbs!

Hobbs is quite the growing boy. He may seem like your average adorable rabbit, but after just a few minutes with him, you’ll learn that he’s a binky maniac. Hobbs has all the energy of a rabbit his age (about 5months) and then some… and then some more! No matter what space he’s in, he finds a way to get his binky fix-whether it’s back and forth on the small shelf in his cage or in the wide open play room. I’ve even seen him binky up the side of his cage Matrix style! Physics is apparently no match for Hobbs.


Out time is obviously filled with endless binkies and sprinting around. He’s very very explorative and is always trying to get into new rooms. In his adventures, he does also enjoy exploring wires- his forever home should be thoroughly bunny-proofed.


His energy does eventually run out and Hobbs will usually seeks some table to flop out underneath and catch his breath before the next round.


Despite his seemingly endless energy, Hobbs does also enjoy smooshing down for some good pats. He’s very comfortable with people petting him. However, he really does not like heights, like most rabbits, and struggles when being carried. But with all four on the floor, he does really well with being handled. His litter box habits are great and his growing body loves food.


Hobbs is a sweet, energetic, loving bun who will make a great addition to any household. His youth makes him exciting to watch and his outgoing personality holds great potential for a strong relationship with his forever family.


Do you like soft, sweet, energetic bunnies and have a house with great running room for this binky master? Is so, give the hotline a call- Hobbs could be the fun for you!