Matt and I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange through an online bunny-owners forum. The point was for each bunny owner to send a gift of foods and fun toys to their assigned recipient’s rabbits. We were delighted with the fun box of toys sent to us by our Secret Santa. There were jingly balls, apple sticks, some silly paper hats, a couple of woven reed matts, a big woven willow ball, and a rope and wood block toss toy.

The day we received our box, the terrible trio (Beanbag, Lookout, and Echo) didn’t seem interested in coming out of their cage to play, so Holly got to come out and investigate the new toys first. She’s been becoming increasingly more social and has started learning how to play with toys in the past month. While she has a couple toys in her cage, she doesn’t do more than idly move them out of her way most of the time. For some reason though, she was in a very playful mood this weekend and was became very interested and excited about the toys I’d put out for her inspection. It was marvelous to watch her nose at them curiously, pick them up, carry them a few feet, and toss them around. She got to stay out playing and enjoying her freedom for a couple hours while I watched and took pictures.

In the end, there was one toy that she seemed to enjoy so much that I decided it belonged to her and put it back in her cage so she can play with it any time she wants. Each time I walk past the cage, I find the rope and block toy in a new spot. I rarely catch her in the act of moving it around, but I know she’s playing with it and having fun. It’s very satisfying to see her finally spark an interest in something so whimsical and un-necessary as toys.

You have no idea how many pictures I had to take before I got this one good photo of her dancing and kicking her heels up! She was having such a grand time and didn’t seem to mind me taking pictures, but boy is a moving bunny a difficult subject to photograph!