Just a quick post because this really made my day and I thought I would share. We let Holly out last night for a while. (The terrible trio, while offered romp time, decided that they didn’t want to come out of their cage.) As is usually the pattern for us, Holly started her romp time with some social time with her humans. We plopped her down on the couch with us and let her snuffle around a bit. She really likes the squishy feather pillows we have for the back of our couch. After investigating the couch for a minute, she settled right into the squishy pillow beside me and put her head down to be scritched. I obliged and she scooted over so she was tucked up against my shoulder. When I stopped scritching, she would sit there very still and patient waiting for me to start again. She spent a good 20 minutes or so snuggled up against me getting nuzzled affectionately and petted before she finally decided it was time to explore the world. When she got active and started digging, we put her down on the floor. She immediately hopped back up on the couch. She really didn’t like the wood floor under her feet! I firmly put her back down on the floor, this time far enough away that she would have to at least take a couple steps to get to either the couch or the rug. She chose to make a scrambling dash for the rug then decided to tuck her feet under her and just hang out for an hour, watching TV. Hey, if that’s what she wanted to do with her romp time, its her perogative.