This weekend, Holly, who has become increasingly more comfortable in our home, actually romped. She was zipping back and forth across the rug in our livingroom, kicking her heels up and twisting in the air. I even saw her get high enough to clear the edge of our mammoth coffeetable! When it was time to go back to her cage, she made me chase her and grunted angrily at me when I was finally able to corner her and pick her up. I’m so pleased that she’s gotten comfortable and is really indulging in normal rabbit behavior. She even comes out of the litter box now to eat her food like a normal bunny. (No more eating while bending over the side of the litterbox where she feels safe.) She spent some time socializing with us on our bed on Saturday morning, her ears cocked forward curiously, as she snuffled and whuffled her way around the different environment.

Most of the time, when she’s sitting around in her cage now, her ears are up and her body is stretched out. She’s obviously relaxing. Its a big improvement.