Many thanks to Miss Holly’s foster parents, Jillian and Tom, for their contributions to her blog :)

Miss Holly is an adorable little bun who was rescued during a large stray capture in Norfolk, MA back in January. She was the youngest and smallest of all the buns scooped up on that frigid winter’s day. This little girl has certainly settled in to having a warm bed and plenty of food! Holly’s favorite thing, above all else, is eating. Her foster mom thinks that she might be making up for all those months when she had to share with all those other buns. If you are eating food where she can see you, she will watch you and make little chewing motions. When her foster mom calls out “Holly”, she comes running for her treats. Holly seems to think her name means “food”. She is such an adorable girl!

Holly is also a little “mountain bunny”. She loves to climb and jump on top of things, and spends a lot of her time looking up. She also likes to treat her foster mom like her own personal jungle gym. Holly’s litter box habits have much improved since she came back from her spay, and are very good for a young bun. When she gets playtime in the living room, she doesn’t leave more than a few pellets, just to tell the resident buns who is boss. She also does fairly well with being picked up, like most buns she doesn’t care for it, but she’ll tolerate it.

Holly would also be an excellent bonding candidate. She loves it when her foster mom’s resident buns come out to play. She has also recently started doing happy binkies and laps around her pen. She is usually too busy exploring to have time for pets, but once she settles down she’ll be ready for some nose rubs while grinding her teeth. For the rest of the time, she likes to do big bunny flops, especially when the other buns are watching. Holly is a “flop off” champion!

Holly would be a sweet addition to any home. If you would like to adopt this cutie pie give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 or E-mail us at