As some of you may recall, HRN had suspended doing education days at PETCO stores because they began selling rabbits. Well, PETCO finally realized the error of their ways and has changed their philosphy back to “adoption first”. This in itself was welcome news, but even better was that the Peabody PETCO assistant manager, Stacie, called us up to see if we would be interested in resuming our Ed Days with them. Stacie, as well as the store’s general manger, Scott, were extremely cooperative with us and even donated 60 lbs. of rabbit pellets to HRN. Scott also invited HRN to become a partner of the PETCO Foundation which entitles HRN to be a recipient of a portion of the proceeds generated through in-store fundraisers at his location.

So this past Saturday, February 21st, HRN volunteers Robin, Barbara, Tricia & Tom, with special help from Robin’s daughter Francie, held an education event from noon to 3:00 PM. Thanks to you all for donating your time!


We also brought along HRN bunny Robin, who was one of the eight bunnies rescued last year when they were dumped out of a car on I-495. Robin did a wonderful job representing HRN as well, but even better, she was adopted. She has found her forever loving home!


The store traffic was steady and we were kept busy all afternoon spreading the word about HRN and its mission. We handed out lots of literature, collected a few donations, sold a calendar, and even had a few serious inquiries (we hope) about future adoptions. Several people asked about the compatabilty of rabbits with their other pets and we gave them copies of HRN articles on the subject and stressed that rabbits are usually pretty flexible with other animals, but as always, a few supervised bonding sessions is the only true way to find out if the different animals can get along.

PETCO also had cat and dog rescue groups in store that day and it seemed to work to all the groups’ benefit, although we like to think that our table got the most interest, LOL :-)

All in all, it was a productive day, and we look forward to returning to the Peabody PETCO again in the near future (date TBD).