In my last blog entry I wrote about a stray rabbit that was found wandering around Belmont. Well yesterday morning she began to make a nest. We were hoping that maybe she had a false pregancy (a rabbit can think she is pregant). But just in case it was a real pregnancy, we gave her more hay and strips of newspaper to make a nest. At 10:30am Andy left for work and there were no babies nor hairpulling, so we were becoming more hopeful it was a false pregnancy.

At 4 pm I came home to 8 babies. Mom was lying on the other side of the cage and the babies were huddled beneath a blanket of hay and hair. Jessica, another HRN volunteer, came right over to see the newborns. We checked each one out and placed them in the basket.

Babies and proud Mom

Newborn bunnies are born hairless, deaf, and blind. They are so ugly that they’re adorable. One of the babies had the hiccups and Jessica comforted her in her hand. She named the baby “Bean” because she was jumping with every hiccup like a Mexican jumping bean.


It’s an exciting experience to witness new life coming into the world. Yet, at the same time it’s sad. There are already so many beautiful, wonderful rabbits in foster homes waiting for their forever homes. These babies will be cared for until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered. We don’t want anymore surprises. Please spay/neuter your pets. It gives the love of your life a more healthier and longer life with you.

~Erica, HRN fosterer, volunteer