I said the previous post was the last post on bonding, but I lied. Actually, I promised you all some photos. Here they are.

This is Eve (top level) and Dorian (middle level) in the three-level bunny abode condo. They absolutely love it. Dorian REALLY likes it because he told me he really thought the temporary cage was some sort of ‘rabbit abuse’…thankfully, we will be taking it back to Suzanne’s today.

Eve and Dorian

This picture is of them cuddling during their afternoon nap. The bunny condo is near our front livingroom window, so they soak up the rays of the sun all day. They generally have the option of running around their huge x-pen (which takes up half our living room), but they would rather sleep, generally on the second level of the condo. The pedestrians taking their daily walks with their kids or dogs often stop to say, “oh, look! There are bunnies in there!”

Aren’t they cute?! Two bunnies is much better than one! I highly recommend a bonded pair for everyone!

Dorian and Eve, resting

I am warning all of you, this is not the last post either. It might be the last post in the “bonding” catagory, but I intend to post multiple pictures of my adorable bunnies in the future…