Before you call animal control on me, let me explain. Scout and Savannah did not like each other. In fact, they hated each other. It was purely for my convenience that I wanted them bonded and they wanted nothing to do with the situation. I admit it, ok?

So Friday night we were spending time on the living room floor again where we had reached some level of tolerance when out broke a fur-flying bunny-ball fight that took half a spray bottle and two shoes to break up. I scooped up two soaking wet freaked out bunnies and cradled them together in my arms. After a long conversation about getting along (which if they understood, they didn’t show it) I looked for a new neutral space for them to spend some time.

I’m in the middle of moving and my house is in shambles but sitting there in plain view was the very neutral dryer. In went the buns. It didn’t take them long to nip at each other but a slow turn of the drum and all footings were lost and those freaked out buns couldn’t possibly fight.

Here is a shot of them in the dryer.

In the dryer

After a few minutes in the dryer, they headed to the washing machine. Out of order, yes, I know, but this time they were in a box on top with the washer on agitate.

From there the box went to the floor and Jazz sat watch over them for a bit.

Here are the silly boxed buns.

Boxed Buns

When finally I had the patience to watch them again Savannah and Scout, two very freaked out bunnies, joined me and Rocky back in the living room.

The five of us (Savannah, Scout, Rocky, Jazz and I) spent the night on the hard wood floors (sold the couches already.) I literally had the spray bottle in hand and squirted each scuffle in my half sleep. Finally at about 4:30am things went quiet and I drifted off to an uneasy achy sleep on the floor thinking that the buns had decided to get along. Jazz woke up at 5:30 (thanks for sleeping in) and when we got up, I found Savannah and Rocky, but no Scout. The fighting had stopped because Scout had gotten out and was now happily snoozing under the dining room table. AHHH!!!!

Well, long story still long the buns are all living together happily in the kitchen. They are getting along well and are sharing, cuddling, grooming, and playing. It is amazing and I cannot believe that it is here!

Special thanks to Erica and Andy for their help and confidence and to Suzanne for her constant bonding advice and support. Also to Jazz for watching over the buns when I was at whit’s end and for helping clean up the food (and not food) pellets left about by the buns.

And here are a few shots showing why it is all worth it. Got to love them!

Picture 103.jpg Picture 110.jpg Picture 105.jpg Picture 108.jpg