The first time you meet Agatha, several strong first impressions are made. First is that she is a LARGE bunny. Next is the unmistakable Harlequin coat. Last, but not least by any means, is her prolific dewlap. You can’t miss it!

“Yes darling, that IS a dewlap under my chin, and I Am happy to see you!”

Dewlaps are common with female rabbits in some breeds. A dewlap is merely an accumulation of some stored fat cells. Well, in Agatha’s case, she has plenty saved up for a rainy day! LOL

“Pssst, I was just wondering, is that really All you?” “YES, it’s All me and it’s MAGNIFICANT!”

Although she is a big girl, Agatha is a gentle soul. She is a bit timid when you approach her cage but warms to attention and will hang out with you as long as you like. She isn’t particularily busy. She prefers to find a comfortable spot and relax, ideally at your side as you stroke her endlessly!

Her colors are quite striking and very unlike most rabbits you will encounter. When you get up close, you will notice Agatha has another remarkable feature that not all bunnies have, big thick black eyelashes!

“Darling, who needs false eyelashes when one has these…”

So if you are the kind of person who likes full sized, laid back, sweet buns, Agatha is the one for you. Meeting her in person is a must. We think she’ll convince you to become a part of her new “forever loving home”!