Jackson is a playful little guy. He does the greatest binkies, loves his
greens and wants lots of attention. He is a little shy at the beginning
but warms up quickly. He is very friendly with other buns and would be a
great bonding candidate. His only bad attitude is cooking hay soup in
his waterbowl. He gets spoiled in foster care. However, he deserves his
own forever home. He should not have to share his time.
He has very soft and silky fur and cannot really decide if he wants to
be a lop. His ears typically stand in a 75 degree angle. Very unique. My bunny Oliver is concerned about Jackson’s charm. That’s why he
contributed the following to the blog:
I am writing to you about my fosterbrother Jackson. Bunny parents and
bunny girls out there, you do need to adopt Jackson as soon as possible.
He is such a stunning cute little guy (at least that’s what my
girlfriend Marlo says) that I am afraid he will steal my mom and Marlo
from me. Please come by my home to meet him. I will lead you to him. I
promise that you won’t be disappointed by his charm.
Thank you, Oliver.

Thanks to fostermom Corrina for writing this blog.