“HRN is assisting a “kind hearted person” who took in 14 rabbits up in northern NH; otherwise they were slotted to be “culled”. Throughout the upcoming months, we will pull them in, spay and neuter them and put them up for adoption. In the meantime, they are being cared for and socialized (although from what I hear they are pretty friendly already) by “their savior”. They range from lionheads, a lop, satins, siamese, etc.”

Jasmine, born June 2007, is a 5lb Satin rabbit. She is fortunate to have been saved by an “angel”. Maybe you will be the angel to offer her a forever loving home.

In the x-pen where Jasmine was playing, we strewn about lots of toys for her to explore. Being a curious girl with a frisky nature, we knew she would be thoroughly entertained.

Abruptly, she took a break from her adventures to plop right down beside the large white shaggy stuffed dog. Completely relaxed, she stretched out with her chin on the floor – very interesting!

A little siesta with her stuffed friend, then it was my turn to be investigated. I felt like she was the mountain goat and I, the mountain. As Jasmine navigated my sneakers, legs and lap, she proceeded to “chin” me, laying claim to her recently explored territory. Have you ever been “chinned” by a bunny – it can tickle!

And, when Jasmine does a “flop”, she gives it her all. Why stop on her side when she can keep rolling onto her back, oh, so cute.

Once again, when in need of a play break, Jasmine returned to her friend, the shaggy dog, doing a semi-flop as she snuggled in close – very interesting! Perhaps, she might enjoy a companion. Could that be you, or your bunny? Come visit her and we think that just might happen!