This is Jasper (the orange and black bun with the striking blue eyes) and his new friend Mimi (the white dwarf bun who was one of the Plymouth Bunnies). As some of you may know, Matt and I have been working with Jasper since February to figure out a mysterious health problem. Up till now, we haven’t been able to list Jasper as adoptable because he was too skinny and couldn’t seem to keep his weight up in a normal range. Karen, the SPCA volunteer who brought Jasper to us in February, had told us that he seemed to really like having another bunny or guinea pig for company. Since he wasn’t bonded to anyone though, we didn’t want to give him a new friend until we knew that his health problems weren’t something more serious.

After months of working with Dr Kruse from VCA Wakefield, we’d ruled out most of the serious medical issues that might have been the cause. The problem was that we still needed to syringe feed Jasper at least once every 2 days to help him keep his weight up. What was wrong with this bunny?

In desperation, we finally got permission from Suzanne to try introducing Jasper to Mimi, one of the Plymouth Bunnies, to see if a little companionship might give him reason to be healthy.

I’m pleased to say that bonding is going extremely well for them. Jasper is now eating enough to keep his weight steady. We’d still like to see him gain a bit of weight, but not having to syringe feed him is a huge relief. He’s also grooming and taking much more interest in life now, he even plays sometimes. I’m looking forward to having these two adorable bunnies completely bonded, healthy, and ready to start a new life.