Julia was found abandoned on the doorstep of a vet’s office in Burlington. We’re not sure of her age but the vet who spayed her thought she might have been born sometime around August of 2007. How someone could do this is inexplicable to us, for she is the sweetest thing!

Julia is a “people bunny”; she is very interested in what you’re doing. If you pass by her cage, she is right there to see what’s going on. With her little nose pressed up against the cage, you can’t help but reach in to pet her or scoop her out for some playtime. And, boy, does she enjoy her playtime – she’s a ball of energy, romping and twirling all over the place!

As Julia was joyfully dancing about, we noticed that she wags her tail, yes, like a happy dog would do, swiftly from side to side, not once but multiple times. It was soooo cute! It is kind of a quirky thing for a bun to do. When one of our buns is doing binkies, he will also occasionally wag his tail – it always makes us laugh!

In between all the zooming around, Julia settled down for some snuggles. She seemed to really enjoy the human contact, in fact, she then proceeded to get up, hop over to the stool and do a huge bunny flop, landing on her side in a big thump! She then picked up her head to glance over at us to see if we were watching, as if to say, “are you catching how cute I am”.

Sweet Julia is longing for a home where she can be cherished by her forever-loving bunny slave, might that be you? Why not call the Hotline at 781-431-1211 to chat with an adoption counselor about our charming Julia, and see if you are the one for her!