These two girls definitely make quite a twosome. Kelsie is a beautiful brown-ticked chinchilla colored lop who has that typical laid back “lop-itude” going for her. Cinder is a warm chocolate brown, up-eared bunny who is definitely full of life and personality.

Kelsie will smush down as flat as a pancake at the first pet given and stay there until your arm gets tired. Cinder will stay briefly but be off to explore and run around. They both love to play with toys and will toss them around and nibble on them, and even play hide and and seek behind things if large enough. It’s really something to see.

Often, when Cinder is off exploring, Kelsie will be like a shadow to her and follow along right behind. As soon as Cinder decides to take a break and rest, Kelsie gets right along side and goes ito full groom mode. When the grooming is done, they snuggle in together in some very cute positions.

These two bunnies definitely enjoy each other’s company, but there is one person’s company who they would enjoy even more…YOU! Especially when you tell them that you are going to be taking them to their new “forever loving” home.

Special thanks to Shannon for her contributions to this posting :-)