These two handsome bunnies are part of the Fitchburg Rescue. As you can see by the picture of Kelvin (above) when he first came to HRN, these boys have definitely filled out quite nicely!

Yes, Kelvin is the gray one and Eli is the chocolate colored guy. Eli is slightly bigger than his brother, yet Kelvin is the “braver” of the two and is usually the one who will come to check you out first.

These two love to play and would like nothing better than to have the chance to show you some of their best bunny jumps and mid-air kicks! With their athletic builds, it can be quite a show!

Our boys are very devoted to one another and seldom stay apart for any length of time. Wether it’s munching on their greens, checking out new territory, or just hanging out, wherever you find one, the other will be close by.

The only thing missing in this pair’s life is a forever loving home to call their own. Come meet the boys and spens some quality time with them and we think that their next home will be yours!

A special thanks to Melissa & Justin, the boys’ devoted foster parents, for their contribution to this posting!!!