We all have dreams and goals. For my foster bun Kirby, it is making it to the Summer Olympics. Kirby is a dedicated athlete and takes his training seriously. His goal of making it to the summer Olympics in 2012 becomes more of a reality each day. With approximately 700 days of training left, Kirby wastes no time perfecting his athletics!
Kirby’s physical talents cover an array of abilities. His favorite is the hopstacle course. He’s also very good at the long jump and tunnel traversing. He has impressive times in the sprint – you should see him run! Kirby is one fast bunny.
Like all serious athletes, Kirby understands the importance of a healthy diet. He stays hydrated with plenty of water, and nibbles on the finest hay and pellets to keep his body fueled. And like a good bunny, he eats his veggies! Rest is equally important; Kirby’s blue fleece bed is his favorite napping spot.
Part of my role as coach/foster mom is make sure he gets the exercise he needs everyday. He needs to be mentally, physically, and spiritually ready for the journey ahead! I cheer him on and pet his head to keep him motivated. And I work to build up his confidence as he tackles new challenges (and provide snack breaks of course).

Any adoptive family would have to be committed to maintaining his training schedule. This bun is going places! Yet the reward for committing to a future Olympian athlete is enormous; he will surely bring you lots of love, joy, and pride. Please consider adopting this amazing bunny!
~Sarah, Kirby’s proud foster mom!