Ky & Shookie are a bonded pair who have survived some rather interesting experiences. Ky was found by a park ranger in a Connecticut state park known to be infested with coyotes. The ranger along with the the local animal rescue officials were completely at a loss to explain how this friendly bun had survived for at least a few weeks in such conditions. Once he’d been brought to a shelter, he became well liked for his easy going disposition and curious nature.
Shookie was another bunny already in the custody of the Connecticut animal shelter where Ky was placed by the park rangers. Shy and retiring by nature, the shelter’s staff asked our HRN staff to consider taking Shookie out of the shelter at the same time as Ky. The shelter’s staff felt that Shookie would be happier in a foster home. Little did they know that these 2 buns were meant to meet. The two have become inseparable since their arrival at the HRN.
Shookie tends to be the quieter of the pair. Ky, outgoing and active, tends to take the lead. Both love occasional attention from their humans. When given the chance for some out time, Ky will typically explore and investigate while Shookie is contented to find a toy or two to play with interupted by occasional bouts of grooming.