Just wanted to let you know I now have a forever loving family of my own, and I’m soooo happy!

Hi everyone, my name is Lana and I’m hoping for a home to call my own. Currently, I reside with my oh, so wonderful foster mom, Lorna, and seven other foster buns. Plus, my foster mom has some buns of her own – lucky bunnies!

Maybe if you know a little about me, you might consider coming for a visit. Well, in the past, I have had some unpleasant experiences with humans. One, in particular, was really scary: some boys were about to toss me out the window of a car but luckily a police officer intervened to rescue me. Honestly, it has taken some time to overcome this kind of abuse. Fortunately, since being cared for by patient, nurturing volunteers at HRN, I’m learning to be more responsive to human interaction and to trust again; although, sometimes I can get uppity regarding my living quarters. I think it might be that I’m just defending my own, personal space. I’m communicating with a “grrrrr” to let you know how I feel – you know, some of us buns are more “talkative” than others! One of the other volunteers told me that she has a bun who “talks” all the time, and she said that she loves that he is opinionated!

Some of my favorite things are being loved and petted by my foster mom and oh, by the way, she says that I have really good litter box habits and that I don’t chew on her belongings during my playtime. Her praise makes me feel good, in fact, she talks to me all the time, she’s kind of a chatterbox – I love it!

Getting out to play is the best! It is so much fun to just let loose – I mean, really run, and dash about doing jumps, sideways leg kicks, twirls, and all kinds of cool bunny dances. Having some things to climb on and under is pretty neat, too, as well as, being able to stretch out and relax wherever I feel like it. And, my foster mom spoils me with papaya pills – Yum!!! Oh, ya, and I really like parsley. You can see me looking quite happy in my photo as I’m stuffing my face with it – mmmm good!

My foster mom tells me that someday a nice family may come and take me with them to my “forever loving home” where I’ll have lots of people fussing over me. She says that I might even get to meet another bunny and hang out with him or her if the family has one already. That sounds like it could be fun – somebody to cuddle with!

Well, if you have taken the time to read this blog of mine and looked at my, oh so cute, pictures, I am sure that you are ready to come meet me in person. I think I would like that. A “forever loving home” sounds like a great idea, when do I move in? Call the HRN Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email info@rabbitnetwork.org to make an appointment to come see me today.

Special thanks to HRN volunteer and foster mom, Lorna, for her contributions to Lana’s story.