Hello! My name is Lefty. Funny name for a bunny, would you say? Well, I got my name because part of my right ear is missing. Oh, don’t worry, I barely remember how it happened and I’m doing just fine!
Even though I’m a relatively young fella, I have excellent litterbox habits. I have good eating manners too; I don’t snarf down my food — that would be so un-gentleman-like! But I do love eating hay and veggies, yum yum! And
treats! Hoo boy, apple slices and frozen grapes are divine.
I am learning that humans can be nice and gentle. I can be shy, but as I get to know my foster family, I like getting pets… But on my terms. My foster mom finds it amusing that sometimes, I snort as she pets me; it’s my way of saying “Oh, hi, you may pet me but please no smothering displays of affection!”
When I have my “outside the pen” time, I like to explore the kitchen and sprint in the hallway. I also like relaxing in my cardboard box house when I want some quiet time.
I am waiting for my forever home… If that might be with you, call the House Rabbit Network hotline @ 781.431.1211! I look forward to meeting you!