I’ve been sick this week with what has turned out to be phneumonia. This is the second time I’ve been significantly sick in slightly over a month’s time, which is very frustrating for someone who’s constitution normally allows her to defy a winter full of Harvard student germs from all points of the globe. Needless to say, I’m a bit frustrated and unhappy with the experience. Were it not for a very understand boss, I’d likely be frantically worried right now about my job prospects.

The bright spots in my week have been my husband, family, friends, and our 3 rabbits. (Oh, and Erica’s post about the baby bunnies.) Matt has taken charge of making sure that our rabbits continue their bonding process as well as getting their romp time and meals each day. (Oh how lucky I am to have a partner who has become as smitten with these silly furballs as I am.)

Bonding sessions in the livingroom this week went fairly well, at least for some definitions. There was a little bit of herding behavior and nipping from Lookout, aka Little Miss Mom as I am now starting to think of her. She got squirted for her bad behavior and immediately backed off which is a huge improvement from our early bonding sessions between her and Bean where she’d have to get soaked before she acknowledged the water as a disciplinary. Otherwise, there was a bit of curious nosing at each other, a bit of grooming, and a lot of Echo running away. She really is going to end up being the first bunny ever to be below Beanbag on the pecking order if she keeps this up.

Everybunny got separate romp time as well as the bonding time. I was delighted and relieved to have Lookout and Beanbag spend an evening romping a bit and cuddling under the coffee table. I was especially glad to see Beanbag kicking up his heels and dancing around a bit, he even indulged in a game of chase with Lookout. He’s so quiet and reserved most of the time that its always good to see him let loose and play. (Now that I’ve seen both, a fun game of chase between two rabbits and herding or running another bunny out of claimed territory are two very different things.) Its still not uncommon in their romp sessions to see a little bit of herding behavior from Lookout. We’ve come to expect it. But this week, they’ve been getting along very well. I watch them during the day as they snooze side by side in the sunshine, paws tucked in forming that goofy bunnyloaf pose that rabbits feel so comfortable with.

Echo has been having a grand time romping in the way that only adolescent bunnies really can. My old roomate used to call this particular behavior “getting chased by snigglets”. Most bunny owners call this behavior doing binkies. So what’s a snigglet you ask? Snigglets are those invisible flying bugs that cats are always watching or chasing. In the case of bunnies, the snigglets chase the bunnies instead causing them to pop up in the air, twirl, skitter sideways, and unexpectedly flop. Being an adolescent, Echo is still having a great time learning all the things she can do with those spring-loaded hind feet for jumping power. This week, she ran sideways like a crab for at least 5 feet, popped straight up in the air, clearing the top of the coffee table by a good foot, and figured out how to use my slipper comforter as a ramp to slide back to the ground after visiting my on the couch. she’s been so busy romping, that neither my husband nor I has gotten a single face washing from her all week. Though maybe she hasn’t washed my face because I smell like I’m sick right now. Come to think of it, she hasn’t been spending a ton of her romp time coming up to me to get scritched either. Maybe she knows I’m sick? I wouldn’t put it past her.