Well, I had two conversations with Dorian about his litterbox habits (D is Dorian, R is myself):

(This one was a week or so ago, before we got him a new litterbox)

R: Dorian, why do you pee on the floor?
D: Well, I am trying really hard, you see. The only litterbox outside of the cage is the blue one, and well, that is Eve’s.
R: Eve actually told you that you weren’t allowed to pee in it?
D: Well…uh…no…but Eve is big and bosses me around. I don’t want her to be mad at me because she is a cool big sister.
R: But Dorian, Eve never actually does anything mean to you.
D: Yes, but I don’t want to mess with the “sacred blue litterbox” that she spends hours chewing on. I will gladly hop in it, but peeing in it is another story.
R: Sigh. I guess we will have to get you another litterbox, perhaps like the one in your bunny condo?
D: YES! I love that kind!

(some days later, a nice, new Feline Pine litterbox arrived, just like the one in the bunny condo)

D: I love this litterbox! (as he hops in it and immediate pees before I have a chance to put litter in it) It is fabulous!
R: Well, you had better use it. Can I take the blue litterbox away?
D: NO!! I told you, that is Eve’s, the new one is mine.
R: Then why is it alright to share a litterbox when you are confined to your bunny condo at night and in the mornings?
D: Uh, well, that is different.
R: How is it different?
D: Come to think of it, I don’t know why it is different, but it is! I don’t remember why we can share one in the condo, but not outside.
R: Okay, since you two now have three litterboxes in the small space of 2/3rds of our livingroom, you had BETTER pee in ONE of those three boxes. I don’t care which one.
D: Alright. But I can’t promise perfection. I have a tiny bladder. And pooping while doing binkies is fun, so I might not poop in the litterboxes. I know Eve understands all these rules you humans have, but I am younger, newer and scared, and I don’t always get it. Your rules confuse me.

And Eve said:

E: Rachel, thanks so much for getting Dorian out of the “sacred blue litterbox.” I mean, he is allowed to play in it, maybe I will even let him try to dig litter out of it and fling it everywhere. If he is really lucky, he can help me chew it apart. But, you expected me to let him pee in it!! No way! Thank God you got that new litterbox…which, incidentally, I can pee, poop or do whatever I please in it in addition to the other two litterboxes because I am top bun…
R: Eve, you forget, I am top bunny…
E: Oh, I am so sorry. You are so right, you are top bun along with your bondmate, Peter. My bad.

Below: The “clowns” as we have nicknamed our silly bunnies. Each bunny in their separate box.

-Rachel: HRN Member/Volunteer