When we adopted Dorian at the end of March, we knew he wasn’t exactly the ‘ideal’ candidate for adoption. Of course, we think he is actually pretty fabulous, but he has his issues and complexities. One of his problems is with litterbox skills, something that I honestly think is improving, however slowly.

Dorian’s litterbox habits became pretty close to 100% accurate when he started living in the same cage as Eve…but we soon realized this ‘perfection’ only applied to when he was INSIDE the bunny condo. As soon as we let him out, he does tons of binkies (very cute) and the little poops fly everywhere. But this doesn’t actually bother me. He has peeing accidents on the carpet as well and this annoys me. Mind you, his litterbox is close…actually, there is one in his cage and one outside. He wouldn’t have to go far either way. But he seems to miss the box, in fact, he has peed right next to the litterbox while I am watching, as if to tease me!

Originally, we thought this was because Eve had secretly claimed the litterbox OUTSIDE the cage and that Dorian was asked (in their secret bunny language) to only go inside the cage. So, he wouldn’t make it and he would pee on the floor. Good theory, right? Well, I don’t think that is all of it…afterall, why would she lay claims to the outside litterbox but not the one inside the cage?

Our second theory: he likes the box inside the cage better for some reason. It personally think it is nicer, maybe he does too. To try to combat this, we have purchased an identical litterbox for outside of the cage.

Third option: Dorian is just not a good litterboxer! I hope this is not the case…I THINK he is slowly getting better, but then all of a sudden, he has another accident.

Since his second identical litterbox arrived (made by Feline Pine–I highly recommend these boxes for bunnies who are diggers like my Eve) Dorian has NOT peed on the floor. But, then again, he has gone for three days before without a pee accident. Lets keep our fingers crossed…

The other thing we are doing is leaving the other litterbox (which Eve might have claims on) out as well. Now Dorian has a choice of three litterboxes in a fairly small area. He does not have to be nervous about peeing in the box while Eve is there because he can just go into the other box. We figure if this works, we can later remove one of the boxes.

Dorian is definitely a ‘quirky’ complex bunny; his litterbox problems are not his only oddity. However, Eve has her problems too. Between the two of them, we have to limit their space out of the cage, 1) because of Dorian’s sketchy litterbox habits and 2) because Eve is a chewer. Eve is horribly destructive…everything goes in the mouth. We have to keep her away from molding, cloth, plants, furniture and everything. So, she and Dorian have a large x-pen as their front yard to their cage. This way, Dorian has tons of litterboxes in a small area and Eve can’t get to anything to chew on.

Dorian doesn’t chew and destroy things at all and Eve’s litterbox skills are perfect. So, it seems, I can’t get a perfect pair no matter what!

But that isn’t why we have bunnies, is it? We don’t expect them to be perfect! We appreciate them for their individuality. We accept their shortcomings and celebrate their more wonderful points. We just love them for who they are…

-Rachel: HRN Member/Volunteer