Logan is a young lady bun with soft dark gray fur and a slender face. She was born in foster care in June 2012. Her parents were dumped in a cemetery to fend for themselves but were lucky to be rescued by HRN.


Logan would love to be free range, or at least have a room of her own, in her forever home. She was very glum when she lived in a cage prior to her spay. Now she has an ex-pen but is still subdued when confined day in, day out. Her playful and joyous personality really shows when she is out of her ex-pen. She does fantastic and fast binkies! Sometimes she is up for a little play chasing. She likes to explore, and she will jump on boxes and climb stairs.

Her litterbox habits are excellent. She has not shown inappropriate chewing in foster care. She likes willow balls, grass mats, hay twists, and paper to chew on. Her favorite chew toy is a wooden carrot with knobs sticking out of it. She also loves to hide and play under a small area rug.

(Can you spot the bunny in this photo? She is under the rug nibbling on a collard green!)


She really likes to feel cozy when she is resting: You will find her hiding in her cardboard tube or resting in her bed — a box with soft linens.


She is friendly. She comes right up to the pen’s edge when it’s mealtime or when she’s in the mood for a snack. She smooshes right down for petting. She would probably enjoy the company of another rabbit as she is curious but doesn’t feel threatened by the presence of another bunny.

She is tolerant to being picked up, but she gets really feisty when it’s time to clip her nails. Another grooming challenge is that she has dark nails. Her foster family can offer tips on how to handle nail clipping.

Her favorite veggies are: lettuce, bok choy, chicory, escarole, cilantro, thyme, rosemary. She also likes kale, parsley, and to a lesser extent, collard greens; these three veggies should be served occasionally and not at the same time. Her favorite treats are strawberry tops, apple slices, dried cranberries, carrots, and Oxbow timothy hay treats. Don’t bother to feed her spinach or dried banana. She will ignore those!

Logan is very sweet! Might she be the bunny for you? She lives with her foster family in Somerville. If you are considering adoption, please call the HRN hotline: 781-431-1211. She is all ears, waiting for your call!