Hello, World!
I celebrated my first birthday with my foster family on June 24. Want to know what my birthday wish is? Well, it’s to find a loving forever home! I would be very happy to have a room of my own … heck, even lots of room… I can dream, right? My foster mom tells everyone that I am a good little bunny.
I can be pretty silly. I have a favorite little rug; I like to burrow in it and bob my head up and down when I’m under it. My foster mom calls me “Turtle” when I do that!
I do well as a bachelorette, but I might like a buddy — I’m just holding out for “the one” because I’m picky like that! (PS: I would be remiss if I didn’t put in a good word for my brother Xavier who shares my birthday! He lives with another HRN foster family.)

Are you thinking about adopting? Please call the HRN hotline!

UPDATE: July 24, 2013: New Photos!

Oooh, lucky me– my foster mom arranged a photo session for me today!

A minimalist background accentuates my best features :-)

A minimalist background accentuates my best features :-)


This is my exploratory mode. This is also how I look when I beg for treats, haha.


Eating al fresco– yummy, I get carrot tops from my foster mom’s neighbor this summer!


I can be pretty chill.

(Here is another blog post about me.)