Well, a lady I know at work bred her 2 bunnies. Reasons aside, she asked us to adopt one of the babies. Thus, I’d like to introduce Lovebug. Some of you may remember this bunny as the one that Cassi attacked previously. She’s fine now, and very, very, fun. However, this may be a tough bonding, if we bond at all. Just last night, Cassi growled at LoveBug…. so we’re not sure if we will try and introduce her into the bonded pair we already have. (Ben is pretty much indifferent, it seems. He doesn’t care, long as he gets petted. :) ) We’re doing the cage switch thing now, and we’ll probably wait a bit till she gets spayed before we try anything though.

Yes, you may now kneel. Her royal highness will see you…


Shhh… Don’t disturb him. He’s playing computer games!


My, they grow them big in this parts!


Okay, I’m tired from the marathon I just ran in this hallway.