Suzanne said we could graduate from the bathtub to a bigger area, but we didn’t have too much time, so we just had another bathtub session. We will move things out of the bathtub soon…

I think we are still making progress. There was a fair amount of grooming. Eve has been very relaxed for these sessions, so she just sits down, like a confident bunny and feisty little Dorian, who is easily distracted, does whatever he feels like at the moment. Dorian often grooms Eve’s face…we usually have treats so our hands smell like treats. We will tap, lightly, near Eve’s face and ears, and he starts licking, presumably looking for the treats, but he does actually groom for awhile. He loves taking care of her ears and even cleaned the inside of her ears. She is a clean bunny now!

The “negative” things I am seeing is that he has started mounting her often. I know this isn’t bad, but she gets pretty annoyed. He actually tries to mate and rips some fur out in the process (fur from her back). He isn’t “violent” or anything, she doesn’t get hurt, but she doesn’t like it. We only let him do it for a bit until she gets annoyed, then we stop him. There is chasing, too. It is always Dorian chasing Eve. We let him do that just for a bit, then we calm him down so she doesn’t get annoyed.

Dorian is very easily distracted. He will be grooming her and being nice, then he will hear a weird noise or something and run off. I suspect his is just his personality.

Just the fact that I can get him to calm down and groom her gives me confidence that this will eventually work. Eve is being a total saint and putting up with a lot. I think she does actually like him. During the most recent sessions, she has done several side flops and so has he. She usually seems very comfortable except when he chases or mounts. She obviously enjoys the grooming.

Will the mounting stop and will he stop chasing her? I hope so.

Still no fights, just many stomps. Both of them love stomping…
-Rachel: HRN Member-