7/15/07 UPDATE: Marla has been with HRN now for about 2½ months. This little girl is an adorable love bunny. When you approach her cage, she immediately is right there to garner your attention. Speak to her sweetly, and she’s ready for you to scoop her up for a snuggle. She’s so comfortable in your arms being petted and quite content to just smoosh down for a bit of a respite.

While on the deck as we were taking pictures of her, she seemed very comfortable, not skittish at all. Often, she would stand up on her hind legs to catch a whiff of the summer breeze and just linger there for a few moments. At one point as we were sitting on the steps, she hopped over to visit. As Tricia leaned down to kiss her head, she scrounched down to encourage her to continue.

Maybe you are the person who could offer this sweet girl kisses in her “forever loving home”?

4/22/07 Original Post:
After literally several months of trying to capture a stray bunny in Marlborough, she is finally safe and sound in HRN’s hands! The original call came in on Feb 14th for two stray rabbits- and several HRN volunteers (Diane, Kathy, Cherryl, Melinda, Corinna, Carol, Erin) spent many evenings trying to capture them. Hats, gloves and hot chocolate were on order for many of the nights! Real Estate Agent Lyn assisted by stopping by to feed the rabbits every night, and MSPCA officer Lesley assisted too. Originally there were two rabbits- one brown, one white. Sadly we have not seen the brown rabbit for at least three weeks, and we are no longer searching for him. A couple of times they were captured inside a pen, but they managed to free themselves and escape. We set up pens and staked out trying to corral them- but they were too smart for us! Diane even created a custom chicken wire pen with a drop door. We came so close to catching her in the pen.

Saturday April 21st the weather finally turned nice, we are getting more sunshine, Diane, Kathy, Cherryl and I met in Marlborough to once again try and capture the white bunny. She was out early, munching on the grass, and probably laughing at us silly humans. She was very clever, knew several escape routes, had some nice tunnels, and was very quick. I decided to test the waters, walked towards her and of course, she darted into her tunnels! Figures. We thought we were in for a long night. So we set up pens in hopes of trapping her, and then managed to spook her out. Instead of darting towards our pens, she of course took off down the block. We chased her up and down the block- luckily this smart rabbit knew to stay out of the street- and of course she stayed away from where we wanted her to go. However, we did notice that she seemed to be getting tired! We chased her around the real estate building, and she hid under some shrubs. I positioned myself on one side, and Diane tried to block the other. Diane managed to spook her- and she practically hopped right into my hands! Amazingly, once captured, she surrendered easily.

Once in the carrier we didn’t want to take her out until she was safely in a foster home. We confirmed she is a girl and named her Marla! I was suprised at how friendly she is after living on the streets for 6 months. She has been eating well, seems to be using her litter box already, and enjoys getting petted! She is very relaxed in her cage, I hope because she feels safe. Every time I open her cages she just puts her head down for pets. She will be getting spayed this week, and hopefully we can find her a forever home soon!