Posted on behalf of the Moran, Groulx, Shay family:
Just wanted to say a big THANKS to you. We adopted our bunny last night (Mia) and we are IN LOVE! she’s already right at home at our place. We’ve seen her Binky, and do her Happy Flop a few times already! We’re heading out tonight to get her a nice big exercise pen so we can keep her out of her cage and out of trouble as much as we possibly can. We love her tons already and cant wait to get to know this little Princess a little bit better.
Mia is a great addition to our home. We love to sit and watch her run around her exercise pen doing binkies then big old bunny flops when shes had enough playing. She’s already a daddy’s girl, her and her new daddy love to sit together in her pen and play for hours! And when its time to relax she loves to cuddle up with her “boyfriend” (a stuffed brown floppy eared rabbit) hide her little face under his floppy ears and take a snooze! We want to thank the House Rabbit Network for allowing us to give this precious girl her new forever home!

Love the Moran, Groulx, Shay family