Mimosa came to HRN through a rescue of several strays in Norfolk, MA.  She’s quite the looker with a gorgeous deep brown coat and beautiful brown eyes.


Like many of the strays that came in with that rescue, Mimosa started out very very shy.  But as she’s become accustomed to the sounds and sights of our apartment, she’s become much more comfortable. Instead of hiding in the corner, she stretches her head out to sniff you.


Instead of waiting for us to leave the room to eat, she’s digging in with your hand in the cage still.  She’s even starting to like pats. It’s been  a huge improvement in just a few weeks.


The most exciting improvements have been in her exercise time. She’s still very cautious and explores step by step, but now has areas where she’s comfortable and can have some fun. We’ve even seen some good head binkies! She definitely likes to explore, but needs to be able to go at her own pace.


One thing Mimosanever shyed away from was food! From the start she’s been a huge eater, devouring food, greens and tons of hay every day.  Luckily, with that appetite her litterbox habits are excellent.

xcimg9712-2Mimosa is a shy bun that would probably do better in a quiter home with a family that can spend time with her. She has an excellent temperment and is a sweet girl that just needs a forever home to work with her and keep that personality coming out. Does Mimosa sound like she might fit in with your home? Give the hotline a call! She’s waiting to meet you!