On Sunday, March 31, we took in a litter of babies and two bonded females from an Animal Control situation in Winchendon. We’ve named the girls Isabel and Madeline (Maddy). Nobody is sure of the maternity ownership, but one thing is certain… both girls were nursing all 6 of the babies! The most likely scenario is that both Isabel and Maddy gave birth and their litters were mixed up in the whole crazy mess. They were also being fed nothing but bread and potatoes! The important thing is that they are safe now and getting healthier each day with a steady diet of hay and greens. The babies have a new lease on life now that they are in foster care and we’re ensuring that they are getting proper nutrition along with lots of love.

All of the littluns lined up in a row the day they came home. They’re about 3 weeks old.

I love Sweet Meadow hay: it’s got little clovers in it. Though I’m still getting used to eating solid foods instead of mothers’ milk.

Here’s the whole gang enjoying hay.

Isabel and Maddy are loving their new digs, but are still a little shy.

Where do you think you’re going?

Hello there!